Coating for Hardwood Flooring

Everyone knows that hardwood floor is one of the most popular flooring materials which usually used in order to provide extra warmness. Besides offering extra warmness when the temperature is colder, the hardwood flooring is also considered to be the most common flooring option used in most American houses. Now, the hardwood flooring is offering many advantages, but when it comes to maintenance, most people are not able to perform the proper and appropriate daily maintenance. One thing that differentiates the hardwood flooring with the porcelain flooring is the fact that it is made from natural materials and it means that they need cleaning products which able to maintain its natural function and appearance.

You probably remember the first time the hardwood pieces are delivered to your house as they are showing shiny surface. The shiny surface is actually a coating which applied by the hardwood manufacturer as protection from scratches and even termites or other wood bugs. Quad Cities are one of the hardwood flooring brands which offering not only single coating, but several layers of coating which provide longer durability for whoever use the aforementioned products. Speaking about the coating, some hardwood flooring manufacturers are choosing to cover their hardwood flooring with natural coating to provide natural protection.

Some people might allergic to the coating on hardwood flooring because most coating for hardwood flooring is made from chemical substances and those people are not adapt to that kind of chemical substances. The chemical substances are also not healthy for children and babies; that is why some hardwood flooring manufacturers are decided to coat their products with natural coating which not only provide better coating, but also provide extra safety care for the users especially if the hardwood flooring is being placed in room for babies and children. Appropriate cleaning method is needed to preserve the coating on the hardwood flooring surface.